Every taxicab operated in the town shall have the following equipment:
   (A)   Standard bumpers, both front and rear.
   (B)   A heater with a shut-off appliance thereon, sufficient to heat the interior of the taxicab adequately in cold weather, which shall be maintained in good working order.
   (C)   A windshield defroster which shall be maintained in good working order.
   (D)   A standard speedometer maintained in good working order and exposed to view. No taxicab shall be operated in a taxicab service while such speed- ometer is out of repair or disconnected.
   (E)   A sticker and the following information shall at all times be posted inside the taxicab, in plain view of the passengers: The name and address of the operator, the rates and fares in effect, and the statement: "The driver shall not permit any other person to occupy or ride in this taxicab without the consent of the original passenger."
   (F)   A double windshield wiper, properly installed and maintained in good working order.
   (G)   An emergency brake in good working order.
(Ord. passed 6-20-94) Penalty, see § 10.99