§ 113.13 PROCEDURES.
   (A)   Upon the receipt of an application by the Town Clerk to obtain a franchise from the Town Council to engage in the business of operating one or more taxicabs, the Chief of Police shall be directed to determine the application's validity.
   (B)   Once the Chief of Police has determined that the application is complete in accordance with the ordinance, the Town Clerk shall submit the application to the Town Council to set a date for a public hearing, said hearing to be held within 45 days.
   (C)   After the public hearing, the Town Council shall determine whether or not a franchise required by this chapter shall be issued and whether public convenience and necessity require the issuance of such a franchise. In determining whether the public convenience and necessity require the franchise of such taxicab(s), the Town Council shall, among other things, take into consideration the following factors:
      (1)   Whether or not the public convenience and necessity requires such proposed or additional taxicab service within the town.
      (2)   The financial responsibility of the applicant and the likelihood of the proposed service being permanent, responsible and satisfactory.
      (3)   The number and condition of equipment.
      (4)   The number of taxicabs already in operation and the demand for increased service, if any, and whether or not the safe use of the streets by the public, both vehicular and pedestrian, will be preserved, and whether or not adequate provision has been made for parking of such taxicabs.
      (5)   The experience of the applicant in the taxicab business.
      (6)   Such other relative facts as may be deemed necessary and advisable.
   (D)   Town Council action to issue a franchise for engaging in the business of operating one or more taxicabs shall require approval at two separate, regularly scheduled Council meetings. After first Council approval, the Chief of Police shall notify the applicant of any outstanding provisions in this chapter that need to be fulfilled before the second approval will be considered (liability insurance or bond, inspection of each vehicle by Police Department, and the like). Once these provisions have been fulfilled, the Chief of Police shall notify the Town Clerk and consideration of second Council approval shall be scheduled during the next regularly scheduled Council meeting. If the outstanding provisions are not fulfilled and submitted to the Chief of Police within 45 days of first Council approval, the application shall become null and void.
(Ord. passed 6-20-94)