§ 97.04  NUISANCES.
   It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow a nuisance, as defined in this chapter, to exist upon any property within they jurisdiction of the town.
   (A)   The town's declaration that graffiti is a nuisance facilitates the removal of the graffiti, pursuant to the ordinance's abatement and removal provisions.
   (B)   The existence of graffiti on public or private property in violation of this chapter is expressly declared to be a public nuisance and, therefore, is subject to the removal and abatement provisions specified in this chapter.
   (C)   It is the duty of both the owner of the property to which the graffiti has been applied and any person who may be in possession or who has the right to possess such property to at all times keep the property clear of graffiti.
(Ord. passed 3-21-94; Am. Ord. 2005-11-04, passed 11-21-05)