(A)   Any person who claims to have been injured by an unlawful housing practice or who believes that he will be irrevocably injured by an unlawful housing practice that is about to occur may file a complaint with the town.
   (B)   All complaints shall be filed within 180 days after the alleged unlawful housing practice occurred.  Complaints shall be in writing and shall state the facts upon which allegations of a violation of this chapter are based. The respondent may file an answer to the complaint. Both complaint and answer may be amended.
   (C)   Upon receipt of the complaint, either from the complainant or the Secretary of HUD, the town shall designate an agent to investigate the matter, to notify the person who allegedly committed or one about to commit the alleged unlawful housing practice, and to seek to conciliate the alleged violation.
   (D)   If the town is unable to resolve the alleged discrimination within 30 days, the complainant may file or request the town to file the complaint with the North Carolina Human Relations Council in accord- ance with applicable state law, notwithstanding that a complaint not resolved at the local level will be referred to the Council within the complainant's statutory time under state law for filing a complaint following the date the alleged unlawful housing practice occurred.
(Ord. passed 12-19-83; Am. Ord. passed 5-16-88)