(A)   The landowner, the financially responsible party, or the landowner's or the financially responsible party's agent shall perform an inspection of the area covered by the plan after each phase of the plan has been completed and after establishment of temporary ground cover in accordance with G.S. § 113A-57(2). In addition, weekly and rain-event self-inspections are required by federal regulations that are implemented through the NPDES Construction General Permit No. NCG 010000. The person who performs the inspection shall maintain and make available a record of the inspection at the site of the land-disturbing activity. The record shall set out any significant deviation from the approved erosion control plan, identify any measures that may be required to correct the deviation; and document the completion of those measures. The record shall be maintained until permanent ground cover has been established as required by the approved erosion and sedimentation control plan. The inspections required by this section shall be in addition to inspections required by G.S. § 113A-61.1.
   (B)   Where inspections are required by division (A) of this section or G.S. § 113A-54.1(e), the following apply:
      (1)   The inspection shall be performed during or after each of the following phases of a plan:
         (a)   Installation of all erosion and sediment control measures;
         (b)   Clearing and grubbing of existing ground cover;
         (c)   Completion of any grading that requires ground cover;
         (d)   Completion of storm drainage facilities;
         (e)   Completion of all land-disturbing activities, construction, or development, including permanent ground cover establishment and removal of all temporary measures;
         (f)   Quarterly until the establishment of permanent ground cover sufficient to restrain erosion;
         (g)   Transfer of ownership or control of the tract of land where the erosion and sedimentation control plan has been approved and work has begun. The new owner or person in control shall conduct and document inspections until the project is permanently stabilized as set forth in division (B)(1)(c) above.
      (2)   Documentation of self-inspections shall include:
         (a)   Visual verification of ground stabilization and other erosion control measures and practices as called for in the approved plan;
         (b)   Verification by measurement of settling basins, temporary construction entrances, energy dissipators, and traps;
         (c)   The name, address, organization affiliation, telephone number, and signature of the person conducting the inspection and the date of the inspection shall be included, whether on a copy of the approved erosion and sedimentation control plan or an inspection report. A template for an example of an inspection and monitoring report is provided on the DEMLR website at: https://deq.nc.gov/about/divisions/energy-minera lland-resources/erosion-sediment-control/forms. Any relevant licenses and certifications may also be included. Any documentation of inspections that occur on a copy of the approved erosion and sedimentation control plan shall occur on a single copy of the plan and that plan shall be made available on the site.
         (d)   A record of any significant deviation from any erosion or sedimentation control measure from that on the approved plan. For the purpose of this rule, a "significant deviation" means an omission, alternation, or relocation of an erosion or sedimentation control measure that prevents it from performing as intended. The record shall include measures required to correct the significant deviation, along with documentation of when those measures were taken. Deviations from the approved plan may also be recommended to enhance the intended performance of the sedimentation and erosion control measures.
(Ord. 2020-09-07, passed 9-21-20)