§ 156.030  PLAN APPEALS.
   (A)   The appeal of a disapproval or approval with modifications of a plan shall be governed by the following provisions:
      (1)   The disapproval or modification of any proposed plan by the town, shall entitle the person submitting the plan to a public hearing if such person submits written demand for a hearing to the Town Clerk within 15 days after receipt of written notice of disapproval or modifications.
      (2)   A hearing held pursuant to this section shall be conducted by the Town Council, within 30 days after the date of the request for a hearing.
      (3)   The Town Council shall make recommendations to the Program Administrator, within 30 days after the date of the hearing on any plan.
      (4)   The Program Administrator, will render its final decision on any plan within 15 days of receipt of the recommendations from the Town Council.
      (5)   If the town upholds the disapproval or modification of a proposed plan following the hearing, the person submitting the plan shall then be entitled to appeal the town's decision to the Commission as provided in G.S. § 113A-61(c) and 15A NCAC 4B.0118(d).
   (B)   In the event that a plan is disapproved pursuant to § 156.029, the applicant may appeal the town's disapproval of the plan directly to the Commission.
(Ord. 2020-09-07, passed 9-21-20)