§ 156.027  APPROVAL.
   The town shall only approve a plan upon determining that it complies with all applicable state and local regulations for erosion and sedimentation control. Approval assumes the applicant's compliance with the federal and state water quality laws, regulations and rules. The town shall condition approval of plans upon the applicant's compliance with federal and state water quality laws, regulations and rules. Plan approval is contingent on land-disturbing activity commencing within a year of permit issuance. If after a year no land disturbing activity has occurred, permit and plan approval shall be void. Once the land disturbance (grading) activity has commenced, the permit is valid for two years from the date of commencement. Permit renewal is required if the project has not been completed by the two-year expiration date and is valid for an additional year from original expiration date previously established with the commencement of the land disturbance. The permit renewal application must be submitted prior to expiration of the original permit, otherwise, a new plan submittal and permit shall be required. The permit renewal fee is listed in the town's fee schedule.
(Ord. 2020-09-07, passed 9-21-20)