§ 156.023  SURETY.
   A surety will be required in the form of a performance bond or a letter of credit. The surety will ensure that stabilization of the site is achieved throughout the disturbed area in the event the contractor is unable to complete the project and shall be paid to the town prior to the issuance of the land disturbance (grading) permit. The surety shall be equal to $1500/acre of land disturbance rounded to the nearest half acre. This surety will be released once a certificate of completion is issued by the town. A certificate of completion will be provided when the site is stabilized with a sufficient amount of ground cover to prevent erosion, or permanent mow-able planting with 100% coverage and 80% growth with no large bare patches. The town may cash the surety if the site is issued a continuing violation notice for ground stabilization.
(Ord. 2020-09-07, passed 9-21-20)