§ 33.09  TAX LIST FEE.
   (A)   Establishment of fee for complete tax list. A fee of $200 shall be charged by the Treasurer to any person or entity requesting a complete electronic copy of the county tax list.
   (B)   Establishment of Public Defender Non-Reverting Fund. The County Treasurer Non-Reverting Fund (the “Treasurer Fund”) is hereby established as a non-reverting fund to be administered and maintained by the County Auditor.
   (C)   Deposits into the fund. All funds received by the Treasurer from the sale of the complete tax list established under division (A) above, together with all net proceeds of the tax sale fees following payment of all publication, certified mail notice, and other administrative costs related to any tax sale subsequently conducted in the county, shall be deposited into the Treasurer Fund.
   (D)   Purposes of permitted expenditures from the Treasurer Fund. The Treasurer shall be entitled to make expenditures from the Treasurer Fund for the following purposes:
      (1)   For operating expenses, including supplies, the payment of salaries to full-time or part-time deputies or administrative personnel in the Treasurer’s office; and
      (2)   For such other expenses pertaining to the operation of the Treasurer’s office, or for the provision of professional services benefitting the Treasurer’s office, as the Treasurer may determine to be appropriate and necessary for the efficient operation of the Treasurer’s office in his or her sole discretion.
   (E)   County warrants. No county warrants are authorized to be issued for expenditures from the Treasurer Fund for payment of any monies except upon approval of a claim by the Treasurer and in accordance with the terms of this section.
   (F)   Treasurer Fund. The Treasurer Fund shall be perpetual, unless and until terminated by subsequent ordinance enacted by the Board.
   (G)   Accounting. The County Auditor is hereby directed to maintain and manage accurate accounting information regarding the receipts, expenditures and balances of the Treasurer Fund.
(Ord. 1-2010, passed 1-7-2010)