(A)   Intention of district. This district is intended primarily for highway oriented business uses offering supplies and services to the general public which are ordinarily located along highways and roadways designated as major arterials.
   (B)   Conduct of permitted uses. The conduct of permitted uses in a B2 District shall be within completely enclosed buildings except for accessory uses that are clearly subordinate to the permitted use. Such accessory uses shall not occupy an area in excess of 30% of the total floor area of the main building. Outdoor storage and display of merchandise shall be allowed, but stockpiling of material which are not immediately available for purchase shall be prohibited. Retail establishments providing drive-in services, outdoor sales, service and display of merchandise shall be allowed. All outdoor storage and materials shall be within completely enclosed buildings or effectively screened by a solid wall or fence not less than six feet in height. Storage within such enclosures shall not be in excess of the height of the wall or fence provided that for display of goods, such as automobiles, such wall or fence shall not be less than two feet in height.
   (C)   Permitted uses. No building structure or premises shall be used, arranged or designed to be used except for one or more of the following uses:
      (1)   Any use permitted in B1 District (with the exception of residential uses (single-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, patio homes, group homes, child care homes));
      (2)   Public service uses including utility substations, distribution center, bus, police, fire stations, post offices, libraries, telephone exchanges, waterworks, pumping stations, assembly halls, vocational and special schools;
      (3)   General business offices including insurance agencies, real estate agencies, trade association offices, communication company offices, travel agencies, health studios and banking facilities;
      (4)   Retail service uses including department stores, furniture, carpet, interior decorating, upholstering and other office supply stores, restaurants and catering establishments, hotels, taverns and night clubs, and storage processing and/or conditioning when incidental to any of these uses;
      (5)   Indoor commercial recreational uses including auditorium, theater, bowling alley, billiard rooms, dance studios and amusement facilities;
      (6)   Mortuaries, funeral parlors;
      (7)   Garden supply centers;
      (8)   Automobile accessory stores;
      (9)   Automobile service station uses but not including major body repair, the dismantling or wrecking or the storage of inoperable or damaged vehicles;
      (10)   Sales, rental and storage of automobiles, campers, recreational vehicles, manufactured homes and boats provided that all service and maintenance work shall be conducted within enclosed buildings;
      (11)   Drive-in restaurants;
      (12)   Commercial recreational uses including golf, amusement parks, drive-in movies, riding stables and other similar outdoor amusement facilities;
      (13)   Special service uses, including model home displays, building materials sales, vending preparation, food locker plants, auction rooms, plant, nursery and greenhouses;
      (14)   Accessory uses, that are incidental to and are commonly associated with the operation of the permanent use;
      (15)   Other uses comparable and compatible to those set forth in this section;
      (16)   Mini-warehouses;
      (17)   Car wash and automotive detailing;
      (18)   Church; and/or
      (19)   Feed or fuel stores.
   (D)   Minimum floor area (residential). The minimum floor area in this district shall be as follows:
      (1)   Nine hundred fifty square feet for single-family structures; and
      (2)   For two-family structures (duplexes) 500 square feet for one bedroom; 600 square feet for a two-bedroom unit; and 700 square feet for a three-bedroom unit. Minimum floor area is exclusive of open porches, attached garages and accessory structures.
   (E)   Special uses. Those special uses that are permitted in this district are set forth in § 156.48.
   (F)   Lot size. The minimum lot area in a B2 District shall be as follows.
      (1)   Area: 5,000 square feet; and
      (2)   Frontage: 50 feet.
   (G)   Setback lines. The minimum setback lines in a B2 District shall be as follows:
      (1)   Front: the front yard setback shall be determined, with reference to the United States Department of Transportation Functional Roadway Classification System, in the manner provided as follows.
         (a)   For lots located on a major collector, the front setback shall be a distance of 70 feet from the center of the paved roadway.
         (b)   For lots located on interstates, expressways or other principal arterials, the front setback shall be a distance of 60 feet from the right-of-way.
         (c)   For lots located on a minor collector, the front setback shall be 70 feet from the center of the paved roadway.
         (d)   For local or minor streets, the front setback shall be 50 feet from the center of the paved roadway.
      (2)   Side and rear: the side and rear setbacks shall each be ten feet.
   (H)   Landscaping and buffering. Twenty-five feet of the transitional setback area and an area ten feet in width along the rear and ten feet in width along each side of the transitional setback area shall be maintained in natural material for landscaping purposes. Landscaping materials shall include appropriate vegetation, durable plants and trees such as pine and evergreen species from the front of the building line to the rear. Any lot within this district that abuts any lot utilized for residential purposes shall also be screened with a combination of opaque fencing, not to exceed six feet, and natural material consisting of either small trees and/or shrubs.
   (I)   Height restrictions. The maximum building height permitted shall be 40 feet.
   (J)   Floor area. The total floor area of the building shall not exceed 150% of the lot area.
   (K)   Off-street parking and loading. The minimum parking area for retail establishments shall be one space for each 400 square feet of gross floor area. The minimum off-street parking for office uses shall be one space for each 300 square feet of floor area. For theaters, auditoriums, including school auditorium, church or other place of public assembly, there shall be a minimum of one space for each eight seats available at maximum capacity. The minimum off-street parking requirements for all other uses shall be one space per 200 square feet of floor area.
   (L)   Signs. All signs are subject to those provisions set forth in §§ 156.45 and 156.46.
(Ord. 17-2007, passed 12-18-2007; Ord. passed 6-11-2009)