(A)   There is hereby created the INAAP Reuse Authority (the “Reuse Authority”) for the purposes and with all powers and duties now or hereafter granted to it by the Act in the area described and known as the INAAP Military Base.
   (B)   (1)   The Authority shall be under the control of a board consisting of five members, who must be residents of the county appointed by the Board.
      (2)   A member is entitled to serve a three-year term beginning with January 1 after his or her appointment. A member may be reappointed to subsequent terms.
      (3)   If a vacancy occurs with regard to the Reuse Authority’s Board, the Board shall fill the vacancy by appointing a new member for the remainder of the vacated term.
      (4)   A member may be removed for cause by the Board.
      (5)   Each member, before entering upon the duties of office, must take and subscribe an oath of office under I.C. 5-4-1, which shall be endorsed upon the certificate of appointment and filed with the records of the Reuse Authority.
      (6)   A member may not receive a salary, and no profit or money of the Reuse Authority inures to the benefit of a member.
   (C)   For purposes of clarity and definition, the term INAAP MILITARY BASE as used in this section shall include the entire federal reservation of land known as the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant near Charlestown, Indiana, as same was described and referenced within the inventory of the United States Army, in the letter issued by Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army Kenneth J. Oscar, dated October 22, 1997 and issued to Paul F. Garrett, President of the Board of Commissioners of the county.
   (D)   Each and every recital above is adopted into this section. Ordinance 6-1998 is amended by the provisions of the interlocal agreement executed by the Board on November 16, 1999 subject to the Reversion provisions of said 1999 interlocal agreement, a copy of which is already in the Board’s permanent records and which is incorporated by reference herein.
   (E)   Every recital in the ordinance codified herein is adopted into this section. The “First Amendment to Interlocal Agreement” is approved and made effective this date.
(Ord. 6-1998, passed 2-17-1998; Ord. 10-1999, passed 12-21-1999; Ord. 4-2000. passed 3-7-2000)