§ 35.04  DATA BOARD.
   (A)   Establishment of County Data Board and position of County Data Manager.
      (1)   There hereby is established the County Data Board (“Data Board”) and the position of County Systems Administrator (“Administrator”) is confirmed and ratified as having been earlier created. The person employed in this position shall be hired by the Commissioners and shall report to the Commissioners as to all of his or her functions.
      (2)   The Data Board shall be composed of 11 members, each serving a calendar year term; however, those members added during 1999 shall service an initial term concluding on December 31, 1999. A new term shall commence on January 1, 2000, for all members. The full membership of the Data Board is:
         (a)   The elected County Auditor;
         (b)   One Judge of the county, selected by the Judges of the Circuit and Superior Courts of the county;
         (c)   The elected County Clerk;
         (d)   An elected member of the Board of Commissioners of the county, selected by a majority vote of the Commissioners;
         (e)   An elected member of the County Council, selected by a majority vote of the members of the County Council;
         (f)   The elected County Treasurer;
         (g)   The elected County Auditor;
         (h)   The elected County Surveyor;
         (i)   The elected County Sheriff;
         (j)   The elected County Prosecuting Attorney; and
         (k)   The elected County Recorder.
      (3)   Each member of the Data Board shall have the power to appoint another county official or employee to serve in his or her place at any meeting. Such appointment shall be in writing and shall be furnished to the Commissioners and County Auditor prior to the meeting for which the appointment is to be effective. When an office named above is not represented at two meetings of the Data Board in any calendar year, the Commissioners reserve the right to appoint another county official or employee to serve out the term originally held for that office.
   (B)   Duties of County Data Board and County Systems Administrator.
      (1)   The Data Board and the Administrator shall review contract proposals from contractors, consultants, agents and advisors to any office in the county government that proposes to engage the services of such persons or entities for computer-related services. The Administrator shall coordinate the comments of the Data Board members and present a professional recommendation to the Commissioners before any contract may be signed by them for a computer-related purpose, which is intended to be paid for pursuant to the Commissioners’ claim system. The Administrator, in his or her presentation to the Commissioners, shall advise as to whether or not an appropriation exists for the proposal being recommended or whether the affected office needs to approach the County Council for an additional appropriation.  The Commissioners’ decision, as to purchase of any computer equipment, software or services, must be obtained before the purchase can be made or the contract approved for payment.
      (2)   The Data Board shall convene in an organizational meeting not later than January 15 of each year. In the year of the adoption of the ordinance, the Data Board shall so convene within 15 days of its adoption. In such organizational meeting, the Data Board:
         (a)   Shall adopt a schedule of meetings for the calendar year; and
         (b)   Shall select a Chairperson by majority vote.
      (3)   The Chairperson shall prepare an agenda for each meeting and shall distribute it to the members of the Data Board not less than two days prior to such meeting. Likewise, not less than days prior to a scheduled meeting date, the Chairperson may cancel any meeting for lack of substantive agenda items, provided that the Data Board shall conduct at least one regular meeting in each calendar quarter.
      (4)   The Data Board shall review procurement and budgetary requests of every county-funded department and promptly shall report its recommendations for purchases or service contracts to the Commissioners after it is certain an appropriation exists/has been approved for purposes relating to the subject of the recommendation. Otherwise, as an initial preliminary step, the Administrator shall first present his or her recommendations to the County Council when seeking a new or additional appropriation. In this latter circumstance, if the new/additional appropriation is approved by the County Council, then the Administrator shall make the presentation to the Commissioners as first described in this section. In addition, a copy of any recommendations made to either body named herein shall be made available to the official or department head making the request. The Data Board’s review shall consider each request for information systems equipment, software and services in view of the following factors:
         (a)   Uniformity;
         (b)   Costs, both initially and in maintenance and support;
         (c)   Reliability in operation;
         (d)   Efficiencies in government operations to be obtained;
         (e)   Long-range suitability to county’s systems needs;
         (f)   Reliability and responsibility of vendor; and
         (g)   Such other factors and criteria as the Data Board shall find relevant. The factors and criteria considered in making any final recommendation shall be set forth clearly in the report of the recommendation or in the minutes of the meeting.
      (5)   The Data Board on a regular basis shall review near-term information systems requirements of the county (those applicable to the next three years) and shall make recommendations to the officeholders affected, to department heads and to the Commissioners and County Council, where applicable.
      (6)   The Data Board on a regular basis shall review long-range information systems requirements (those extending four years or more into the future) and shall make recommendations to the officeholders affected, to department heads and to the Commissioners and County Council, where applicable.
      (7)   The Data Board further shall review such matters as are referred to it by the Commissioners.
      (8)   The Data Board shall request from each officeholder a designated “User Department Coordinator” to be trained and kept informed in order that they can provide basic assistance and support in the user offices, and they will call on the Administrator for supplemental assistance.
      (9)   The Administrator shall at the minimum accomplish the following, in relation to the Data Board:
         (a)   Serve in a staff capacity in support of Data Board, identifying, evaluating and documenting issues, problems and opportunities in county information systems matters;
         (b)   Assist the Chairperson in preparation of the agenda and in preparation of information to be supplied to the Data Board members;
         (c)   Attend all meetings of the Data Board to assist as requested by the Board;
         (d)   Implement management controls in the areas of systems security, backup/recovery, disaster plans audit trails and oversight of vendor/contractor work;
         (e)   Implement technical monitoring of systems resources to identify problems, such as in system performance, response time, utilization of data storage facilities, frequency of system failures and nature of required vendor support assistance;
         (f)   Maintain a central library of manuals and other reference material;
         (g)   Arrange procedures for the procurement and stocking of printer and PC supplies and user-replaceable parts;
         (h)   Determine qualified dealers and contractors to supply frequently-needed personal computer and printer equipment, packaged software, cabling and minor services;
         (i)   Monitor and coordinate the work of dealers, contractors, consultants and others engaged in information systems activities;
         (j)   Provide equipment, software and training support to users of county information systems;
         (k)   Perform network management and technical support;
         (l)   Supervise/instruct the User Department Coordinators and such other information systems personnel as shall be assigned in the computer systems and provide basic training, support and assistance. The Administrator shall provide supplemental assistance to the User Department Coordinator; and
         (m)   As level of staffing permits, the Administrator shall perform such further duties as shall be directed by the Data Board and Commissioners, including software development and limited equipment installation and repair.
   (C)   Annual budget. The Data Board shall prepare and submit an annual budget request to the County Council in the same manner as do other departments of county government, including those items of expense as shall be agreed with or directed by the Commissioners.
   (D)   Part-time duties; non-exclusive services. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to require the Administrator to perform the duties placed upon him or her hereby as a total job description for his or her employment. The Administrator shall perform the functions set forth in this section on a part-time basis only and he or she shall continue to perform the remaining duties and responsibilities previously placed upon him or her by the Commissioners from the inception of his or her employment.
   (E)   Term of existence. The Data Board shall exist for a period concluding on December 31, 1998. Its existence automatically shall continue from year to year thereafter unless terminated by ordinance of the Commissioners.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 10-21-1997; Ord. 7-1999, passed 9-7-1999)