A DISORDERLY HOUSE means any structure or vehicle by which the peace, comfort, health, welfare or decency of the public is disturbed by reason of the people therein committing or resorting to any of the following acts:
   (A)   The sale, distribution, possession or use of any controlled dangerous substance, the sale, distribu-tion, possession or use of which is declared unlawful by state statute;
   (B)   The violation of any of the ordinances of this city or statutes of this state regulating the sale, distribution, possession or use of alcoholic beverages including beer containing more than .5% alcohol by volume;
   (C)   The performance of any sexual act declared unlawful by state statute or city ordinance, including but not limited to soliciting for purposes of prostitution; or
   (D)   The violation of any state statute or city ordinance prohibiting gambling.
(`83 Code, § 10-406)  Penalty, see § 133.99