A tree shall be deemed by the City Urban Forester to be detrimental to the health, benefit and welfare of the public and the community, or a hazard to traffic, if the tree, or any limb or part of the tree:
   (A)   Constitutes a hazard to life or property;
   (B)   Harbors insects or disease which constitute a potential threat to other trees within the city;
   (C)   Is not trimmed to a height of nine feet above the surface of any street or right-of-way;
   (D)   Obstructs the view of any street intersection, traffic control device or sign, or the light from any street lamp;
   (E)   Obstructs a curb, gutter, street or sidewalk; or
   (F)   Obstructs or interferes with the use of or is, or will be, injurious to sewers, water lines, overhead utility lines, or any other public utility line or improvement or inhibits the flow of in creeks, ditches, waterways, and other parts of the city’s Stormwater Conveyance System.
(`83 Code, § 11-314)  (Ord. 898, passed 10-4-82; Am. Ord. 94-32, passed 11-21-94; Am. Ord. 2006-22, passed 12-18-06)