Use and Obstruction of Streets
   101.01   Unlawful to injure trees and shrubbery
   101.02   Business use of streets prohibited
   101.03   Unlawful to unduly obstruct sidewalks and streets
   101.04   Congregating on streets or walks
   101.05   Utility poles
   101.06   Poles on Will Rogers Boulevard
   101.07   Animals on walks
   101.08   Vehicles on streets
   101.09   Obstructions defined
   101.10   Unlawful to deposit trash upon streets or sidewalks
   101.11   Unlawful to play on sidewalks and in streets
   101.12   Residue from car washing not to drain onto street
   101.13   Water from filling stations and other businesses
   101.14   Openings in sidewalks
   101.15   Broken and unsafe sidewalks
   101.16   Permit for moving buildings on streets
   101.17   Temporary obstruction of streets
   101.18   Excavation near streets and sidewalks
   101.19   Construction and excavation
   101.20   Damaging streets and walks
   101.21   Newly paved street
   101.22   Curb cuts, street cuts, and driveway entrances
   101.23   Division lines in city
   101.24   Directional designation
   101.25   Numbering within blocks
   101.26   Numbering buildings; type and size of numbers
Specifications for Streets and Sidewalks
   101.35   Definitions
   101.36   Designation of streets as major or residential
   101.37   Specifications for streets
   101.38   Curb lines
   101.39   Width of sidewalks
   101.40   Inside line of walks
   101.41   First class sidewalks; specifications
   101.42   Second class sidewalks; specifications
   101.43   Slope of walks
   101.44   Curb specifications
   101.45   Combined curb and gutter; specifications
   101.46   Sidewalk excavations; finishing
   101.47   Safety regulations
   101.48   Crosswalk specifications
   101.49   Curb excavation
   101.50   Model street specifications
   101.99   Penalty