Second class sidewalks shall be constructed of hard-burned brick, and shall not be than five feet in width, unless a greater width shall be petitioned for by a majority of the property owners paying therefor.  The outside border shall consist of hard brick set on edge lengthwise, the top of edge to conform to and form a part of the surface of the walk.  When the curbing is not in, the end of the walk shall be supported by curb at street and alley lines.  Second class sidewalks shall be laid on a bed of sand not less than two inches in thickness, which shall be under laid with gravel or macadam not less than four inches thick.  The upper surface of second class sidewalks shall be laid flat like sidewalks of first class, and after being laid shall be well covered with good sand, well swept into the spaces between the bricks, the bricks shall be laid in close contact.
(`83 Code, § 14-208)  Penalty, see § 101.99