(A)   The Water/Wastewater Facilities Manager is hereby authorized and directed to institute fluoridation of the water supply of the city, the maximum content of fluoride to be not more than that concentration allowed under the rules and standards of the Oklahoma State Department of Health and as established by the Oklahoma State Board of Health.
   (B)   The application of fluorides to the city water supply shall be started only after the Oklahoma State Health Department has:
      (1)   Received plans and specifications as required by law;
      (2)   Approved the type of chemical feeding equipment to be used;
      (3)   Approved the plant layout and methods of handling the fluoride compounds to assure the safety of employees;
      (4)   Approved the methods of analysis and control to be used in determining the fluoride content of the water before and after the addition of fluorides; and
      (5)   Approved the qualifications of the personnel who will make the necessary analysis to control the application of fluorides.
   (C)   The control and testing of the water before and after fluoridation, the method of determining the fluoride content of the water, and the test for the purity of the fluoride chemical shall, in all respects, comply with the rules and standards set up by the Oklahoma State Department Health.
(Ord. 92-5, passed 4-6-92)