§ 53.45  EXCEPTIONS.
   (A)   In the mandatory restrictions of water usage in Stages 2 and 3 as provided herein, the City Manager may allow the following:
      (1)   The use of water for construction, commercial or processing purposes;
      (2)   Any watering or sprinkling with water obtained from a well, provided that the premises have posted in a conspicuous location upon the premises a sign stating that well water is being so used; it shall be a violation of this subchapter for any person to post a sign which states or implies that well water is being used when water is obtained from the water system of the city;
      (3)   The washing of automobiles, trucks, trailers, boats, airplanes or other types of mobile equipment upon the immediate premises of commercial car washes, commercial service stations and the washing of commercial motor vehicles used in the transportation of food, food products and perishables, and the washing of commercial garbage pickup motor vehicles;
      (4)   The watering by commercial nurseries, commercial landscaping companies and commercial
sod farmers with water obtained from their own immediate premises;
      (5)   The watering or sprinkling of foundations of homes or apartments; and
      (6)   The use of water to alleviate immediate fire, health or safety hazards.
(Ord. 2012-13, passed 8-20-12)