(A)   Purpose. Establish a uniform procedure for the review of applications to host special events within the city.  This procedure includes a comprehensive review by the Special Events Committee (SEC) to assure that city codes and standards will be met and that the objectives of their ordinances are specifically addressed.  This review process shall apply to all special events defined as a public celebration which involves the use of either public facilities and/or streets which requires provision and coordination of city municipal purposes
   (B)   Objectives. The Special Events Committee shall determine that the following objectives have been met:
      (1)   The application shall be examined to ensure that all provisions of the City of Claremore Municipal Code and any other applicable city or state standards are complied with.
      (2)   Event fees and proper insurance must be submitted.
      (3)   Overall safety of the event and of participants and vehicular movement in and around event location.
      (4)   Essential city services are set up and emergency personnel are informed of event time and location and any special needs.
      (5)   If funding is requested from the city it must be done within the time constraints set by the SEC and pursuant to the procedure established by this subchapter.
   (C)   Procedure. The SEC Committee includes representatives from the Parks and Recreation Department, Electric Department, Street Department, Fire Marshal’s Office, Police Department, Sanitation Department, City Manager’s office and City Clerk’s office.  It may be necessary to include other departments when an impact is anticipated by the event.  The City Manager may appoint and/or remove members from the committee as needed.
      (1)   Representatives for an event seeking funding from the city or in-kind services must submit a proposed contract to the SEC stating the purpose of the contract, the nature of the event, and the public purpose for which funds are sought and which will serve as the basis for the contract between the city and the organizers of the event.
      (2)   Upon receipt of a completed and signed proposed contract, representatives for the event will meet with SEC to coordinate services and review needs before a permit is granted.
      (3)   SEC representatives will review the plans to ensure the event complies with city codes and the objectives of the SEC.
      (4)   The committee will address areas, which do not comply with city code or objectives. Event planners will be required to meet codes and standards before an event permit will be issued.  The SEC may present additional areas of concern to event planners or require applicants to present their event before additional boards when necessary.
      (5)   The SEC will advise and make a report to the City Manager in order for the City Manger to make a decision on the contract regarding the event. The City Manager shall review the report from the SEC and make a determination as to whether city funds should be allocated pursuant to the proposed contract.
      (6)   Applicants may appeal recommendations of the City Manager to the City Council. The City Council shall review the proposed contract along with the recommendations by the City Manager and the SEC at a hearing with the applicant.
      (7)   The City Council shall review the appeal, including the recommendations of the SEC and City Manager, at a public hearing.  Decision of the City Council is final.
(Ord. 2007-1, passed 1-2-07; Am. Ord. 2012-1, passed 1-3-12)