For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BULK REFUSE.  Solid waste which is too large, too heavy or in quantities too large for collection from the customer's container or which is placed for collection outside of the customer's container.
   CITY.  The City of Claremore, Oklahoma.
   CITY MANAGER.  The City Manager of the city.
   COMMERCIAL.  When describing a customer, means a business, apartment, complex, or other entity other than residential customer.
   COMMERCIAL DUMPSTER.  A container having a capacity of two or three cubic yards which is equipped with hinged lids and wheels that allow the container to be moved, lifted and emptied by Sanitation Department equipment.
   CONSTRUCTION.  When describing a customer, means a commercial entity requiring a roll-off container at a location on a temporary basis.
   CONTAINER.  Includes any 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart, any two or three cubic yard dumpster, and any roll-off container approved by the city from which solid waste may be collected by the city.
   DEPARTMENT.  The Sanitation Department of the city.
   DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS.  The Director of Public Works of the city.
   DIRECTOR OF SANITATION.  The Director of the Sanitation Department of the city.
   RESIDENTIAL. When describing a customer, means a single-family dwelling or household which is a part of a single or multi-family structure, other than an apartment complex, and which is not a commercial customer.
   ROLL-OFF DUMPSTER.  A large 16 or 20 cubic yard capacity container that is delivered by the Department and placed for temporary use typically by contractors, business owners and households engaged in construction, remodeling or cleanup.
   SOLID WASTE.  Garbage, trash, rubbish, and other refuse.
(Ord. 2004-03, passed 1-20-04; Am. Ord. 2006-9, passed 6-19-06)