Sec. 3-1-7   Specific duties of the chief.
   (a)   The police chief shall command the department under his order, and is responsible for its discipline and efficiency. Further, he shall recommend to the manager the reforms and changes in the police department which practical experience shows should be instituted. Periodically, the chief may be required to submit a statement of conduct of the affairs of the department, and shall include therein any suggestions for the improvement in the service or personnel of the department.
   (b)   Additional, specific functions of the chief of police are:
   (1)   to issue to the department under his command such orders and directives as may be necessary to preserve the public peace, prevent crime, arrest offenders, and to protect public and private property and persons in the city;
   (2)   to enforce the laws, ordinances, police regulations and executive orders applicable to his jurisdiction;
   (3)   in accordance with authority granted by the manager, to suspend from duty any members of the department for incompetence, neglect of duty, immorality, drunkenness, drinking intoxicants when on duty, or who shall be found unfit for duty when called on emergency service, or who fail to obey orders given by proper authority, and in addition for any just or reasonable cause in the judgment of the manager; and
   (4)   to require the proper submission and handling of the necessary and required reports.