Within ninety days following the date for final compliance with applicable categorical Pretreatment Standards or in the case of a new source following commencement of the introduction of wastewater into the City's sewer system, any industrial user subject to Pretreatment Standards and Requirements shall submit to the City a report indicating the nature and concentration of all pollutants in the discharge from the regulated process which are limited by Pretreatment Standards and Requirements and the average and maximum daily flow for these process units in the industrial user which are limited by such Pretreatment Standards and Requirements. The report shall state whether the applicable Pretreatment Standards or Requirements are being met on a consistent basis and if not, what additional O and M and/or pretreatment is necessary to bring the industrial user into compliance with the applicable Pretreatment Standards or Requirements. This statement shall be signed by an authorized representative of the industrial user, as defined in Section 925.222, and certified to by a qualified professional.
(Ord. 19-90. Passed 2-20-90.)