All reports required under the pretreatment program shall be signed by a "responsible corporate officer" or a "duly authorized representative" of that individual. "Responsible corporate officer'' includes the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of the corporation in charge of a principal business function. A "duly authorized representative" might be an individual or position responsible for the overall operation of an industrial user's facility (such as a plant manager or the individual in charge of all environmental matters for the industrial user). A "duly authorized representative" is required to be authorized to make management decisions that govern the operation of the regulated facility, including having the explicit or implicit duty of making major capital investment recommendations, and of initiating and directing other comprehensive measures, to assure long-term environmental compliance with environmental laws and regulations. They must also be responsible for ensuring that the necessary systems are established or that the necessary actions are taken to gather complete and accurate information for control mechanism requirements. Additionally they must be assigned or delegated the authority to sign documents in accordance with corporate procedures.
(Ord. 09-62-12. Passed 9-4-12.)