(a)   The City reserves the right to amend any wastewater discharge permit issued hereunder in order to assure compliance by the City with applicable laws and regulations. Within nine months of the promulgation of a National Categorical Pretreatment Standard, the wastewater discharge permit of each user subject to such standards shall be revised to require compliance with such standards within the time frame prescribed by such standards. All National Categorical Pretreatment Standards adopted after the enactment of this chapter shall be adopted by the City as part of this chapter. A user subject to a National Categorical Pretreatment Standard operating under the terms of a valid industrial waste discharge permit, shall submit to the City within 180 days after the promulgation of an applicable National Categorical Pretreatment Standard, the additional information required by subsections (h) and (i) of Section 925.21, the user shall be informed of any proposed changes in the chapter at least thirty days prior to the effective date of change. Any changes or new conditions in the chapter shall include a reasonable time schedule for compliance.
   (b)   Industrial wastewater discharge permits shall specify no less than the following:
      (1)   Fees and charges to be paid upon initial permit issuance;
      (2)   Limits on the average and maximum wastewater constituents and characteristics regulated thereby;
      (3)   Limits on average and maximum rate and time of discharge and/or requirements for flow regulations and equalization;
      (4)   Requirements for installation and maintenance of inspection and sampling facilities;
      (5)   Special conditions as the City may reasonably require under particular circumstances of a given discharge including sampling locations, frequency of sampling, number, types and standards for tests and reporting schedule;
      (6)   Compliance schedules;
      (7)   Requirements for submission of special technical reports or discharge reports where same differ from those prescribed by this chapter.
   (c)   All industrial wastewater discharge permits shall be issued for perpetual duration, subject to an annual, as a minimum, amendment or revocation as provided in this chapter. Under special circumstances, a permit may be issued for a limited period of time.
   (d)   Industrial wastewater discharge permits are issued to a specific user for a specific operation and are not assignable to another user without the prior written approval of the City, or transferable to any other location. (Ord. 19-90. Passed 2-20-90.)