No person shall discharge industrial waste, either directly or indirectly, into the City sanitary sewer system without first completing an industrial waste discharge permit application. Thereafter, the City shall categorize the industrial user and determine if the issuance of a written discharge permit is required from the Director of Public Service.
   All industrial users discharging or proposing to connect to or discharge industrial wastes and other wastes to the City sewage disposal system shall comply with all terms of this chapter within ninety days after the effective date of this section.
   Industrial users shall complete and file with the City, an industrial waste discharge permit application. Existing industrial users shall file said application within thirty days after the effective date of this chapter, and proposed new industrial users shall file such application at least ninety days prior to connecting to and/or discharging industrial wastes to the City sewage disposal system. The application shall be made on forms provided by the City and no industrial waste discharge permit shall be issued unless and until the user has submitted to the City the following required information:
   (a)   The name, address and location of the user;
   (b)   The user's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number according to the Standard Industrial Classification Manual, Bureau of the Budget, 1972, as amended;
   (c)   The wastewater constituents and characteristics of the user's wastes including but not limited to those mentioned in this chapter, as determined by bonafide chemical and biological analyses. Sampling and analysis shall be performed in accordance with procedures established by the U.S. EPA and contained in 40 CFR, Part 136, as amended;
   (d)   The time and duration of discharges;
   (e)   The average daily and instantaneous peak wastewater flow rates, in gallons per day, including daily, monthly and seasonal variations, if any. All flows shall be measured unless other verifiable techniques are approved by the City due to cost or nonfeasability;
   (f)   Site plans, floor plans, mechanical and plumbing plans and details to show all sewers, sewer connections, inspection manholes, sampling chambers and appurtenances by size, location and elevation;
   (g)   The activities, facilities and plant processes on the premises including all materials which are or may be discharged to the sewers or treatment works of the City;
   (h)   The nature and concentration of any pollutants or materials prohibited by this chapter in the discharge, together with a statement regarding whether or not compliance is being achieved with this chapter on a consistent basis and if not, whether additional operation and maintenance activities and/or additional pretreatment is required for the user to comply with this chapter;
   (i)   Where additional pretreatment and/or operations and maintenance activities will be required to comply with this chapter, the user shall provide a declaration of the shortest schedule by which the user will provide such additional pretreatment and/or implementation of additional operation and maintenance activities.
      (1)   The schedule shall contain dates for the commencement and completion of major events leading to the construction and operation of additional pretreatment required for the user to comply with the requirements of this chapter including, but not limited to dates relating to hiring an engineer, completing preliminary plans, completing final plans, executing contract for major components, commencing construction, completing construction, and all other acts to achieve compliance with this chapter.
      (2)   Under no circumstances shall the City permit a time increment for any single step directed toward compliance which exceeds nine months.
      (3)   Not later than fourteen days following each completion date in the schedule and the final date for compliance, the user shall submit a progress report to the City, including no less than a statement as to whether or not it complied with the increment of progress represented by that date and, if not, the date on which it expects to comply with this increment of progress, the reason for delay, and the steps being taken by the user to return the construction to the approved schedule. In no event shall more than nine months elapse between such progress reports to the City.
   (j)   A listing of each product produced by type, amount, process or processes and rate of production;
   (k)   The type and amount of raw materials utilized average and maximum per day;
   (l)   All application forms shall be signed by a principal executive of the user, and a qualified engineer licensed to practice in the state of Ohio.
   The City will evaluate the complete application form and data furnished by the user. Within thirty days and after full evaluation, the City will notify the user of the City's acceptance or nonacceptance of such wastes, if the user is subject to an industrial waste discharge permit, one will be issued subject to terms, conditions and/or limitations provided for herein, or rejection thereof and the basis therefore. Failure to comply with the provisions of an approved compliance schedule or other terms and conditions as set forth in such industrial waste discharge permit shall be cause for revocation of such permit and will subject such user to enforcement actions and penalties as hereinafter provided.
(Ord. 19-90. Passed 2-20-90.)