(a)   No person other than an authorized employee of the Department of Public Utilities shall remove a meter without permission of the Director. When a meter has been unlawfully removed, no person shall use water supplied by the service branch to which the meter was attached. Where a meter is found to have been unlawfully removed, the water shall be shut off forthwith and not turned on again until payment has been made for the estimated amount of the water used, in addition to any fine that may be imposed.
   (b)   Whoever, with intent to defraud, constructs, alters, tampers with, by-passes or uses any means to change or alter any water meter or to use a false meter and to cause the meter for measuring water consumption to register improperly or falsely, shall be subject to the penalty in Section 921.99.
(Ord. 4185. Passed 8-23-56.)