If the owner of the lot or land or the person upon whom notice is given pursuant to Section 557.03 fails to comply with this section within five days of receipt of the notice, then the Service Director, Mayor, Public Health Department Official, Chief of Police or his designate is authorized to enter upon such lot or land and cause the litter, solid waste, demolition materials, trees or shrubbery to be collected and removed or the noxious weeds and vegetation constituting a nuisance or endangering the public health to be cut or destroyed, by the direct employment of labor or by authorizing another person to perform the services on behalf of the City. The fact that the noxious weeds, vegetation, litter, solid waste, demolition materials, trees or shrubbery are not removed from any lot or land within the City within five days after receipt of the notice as set forth in Section 557.03 is prima-facie evidence of willful failure to comply with the notice and shall subject the owner or person upon whom notice was served to the penalties set forth in Section 557.99.
(Ord. 6-44-92. Passed 6-16-92.)