248.09  FIRE CHIEF.
   The Fire Chief shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
   (a)   Report to the Mayor and Council concerning the daily operations of the Fire Department.
   (b)   Keep all firefighting equipment in proper working order at all times.
   (c)   Be in charge of all employees, whether volunteer fire-fighters or otherwise assigned to the Fire Department.
   (d)   Maintain all records, costs and expenses in the Fire Department.
   (e)   Maintain a current map showing the location of all hydrants, and all PSI and GPM readings within the City's fire boundaries.
   (f)   Enforce all Federal, State and local laws concerning open burning.
   (g)   Enforce all fire codes and standards.
   (h)   Cooperate with all Federal, State and local agencies which affect the Fire Department.
   (i)   When requested to do so by the Mayor and Council, inspect properties within the City and its zoning boundaries for fire hazards.
   (j)   Assist the Building Inspector in identifying and locating all structures in the City which are hazardous to the health and welfare of the citizens of the City.
   (k)   Serve as the officer in charge during any fire, natural disaster or chemical spill within the jurisdiction of the City.
   (l)   Maintain good public relations for the Fire Department and strive to maintain good relationships with the other area fire departments.
   (m)   Serve as Coordinator of the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency of the City.
   (n)   Ensure that all fire trucks, rescue units and any other Fire Department vehicles are equipped with proper equipment as mandated by State law.
   (o)   Oversee all training in the Fire Department and attempt to comply with all Federal, State and local laws with regard to training.
   (p)   Make recommendations from time to time to the Mayor with regard to the hiring or termination of Fire Department personnel, including volunteer fire-fighters.
   (q)   Inspect all Municipal buildings in the City to insure that the buildings comply with fire codes and, if any violation is found, report said violation in writing to the Mayor and Council as soon as possible.
   (r)   Be responsible for maintenance and safety in and around the fire truck bays.
   (s)   See that all fire hydrants within the City are painted and color coded.
   (t)   Whenever possible, attend meetings of Council and the Fire, Parks and Plats Committee. 
(Ord. 630.  Passed 10-11-93.)