246.01  RECORDS.
   (a)   All police officers and other peace officers of the City shall keep a true and accurate record of all persons arrested within the City and of all persons committed to the County Jail. Such record shall contain the following facts and information: the name of the person arrested; the date of the arrest; the charge upon which arrested; the style of the court before or in which the complaint was filed against the person arrested; the date of the complaint and the warrant or capias issued thereon; the nature of the charge filed; the date of the commitment to the County Jail; the date of release from the County Jail; the disposition of the charges against the person arrested; the amount of fine assessed, if any, and a statement as to whether the same is paid or whether the same is secured by a bond; and a statement showing the expenses, if any, of furnishing meals for any such prisoner.
   (b)   The Chief of Police or other police officer shall make a similar record upon the commitment to the County Jail of a prisoner in the custody of a sheriff, deputy sheriff or other peace officer other than a peace officer in and for the City.
   (c)   The Chief of Police shall procure, at the expense of the City, a proper record book for use in keeping a record of the data and information specified in subsection (a) hereof and such book shall be kept at all times in the City Hall and shall be open to public inspection at any reasonable hour, in the same manner as any other public record of the City.