234.02  DUTIES.
   (a)   The City Clerk shall cause to be published all ordinances imposing a fine, penalty, imprisonment or forfeiture, or making an appropriation, and such others as Council directs, at least once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the City. Such Clerk shall note in the Record Book of Ordinances, the date of passage of such ordinances and, in the case of published ordinances, shall add his or her certificate under the seal
of the City.  In addition, the Clerk shall, without delay, deliver to Council all communications or documents that are addressed to Council.  The Clerk shall provide, at the expense of the City, all books and stationery required by Council.  The Clerk shall countersign all warrants which are drawn upon the City Treasurer and shall state therein the particular fund or appropriation to which the same is chargeable, the number of the same, the person to whom payable and the date.  No money shall be otherwise paid by the City Treasurer than upon such warrants so drawn. (Adopting Ordinance)
   (b)   The City Clerk shall record in the Record Book of Ordinances all ordinances which are passed by Council, as provided by law.
   (c)   The City Clerk shall perform all duties and requirements prescribed by general law. (Ord. 139.  Passed 1-9-33.)
   (d)   The City Clerk shall keep the corporate seal to be provided by the corporate authorities and all papers belonging to the Municipality, the custody and control of which are not given to other officers.
   (e)   The City Clerk shall attend all meetings of the corporate authorities and keep a full record of its proceedings in the journal.
   (f)   The City Clerk shall have custody and control of all Municipal documents, books and papers which the corporate authorities may designate, including, but not limited to, the minutes and ordinances of the City.
   (g)   On or before May 15 of each year and before the annual appropriate oi'dinance is prepared by the corporate authorities, the City Clerk shall submit to the corporate authorities a report of his or her estimate as nearly as may be of the money necessary to defray the expenses of the Municipality during the current fiscal year, as provided by statute.
   (h)   The City Clerk shall publish the annual Treasurer's account at least once in a newspaper published in the Municipality.
   (i)   The City Clerk shall make all warrants for expenditures of moneys from the City Treasury.
   (j)   The City Clerk shall prepare all Forms W-2 and W-4 and the reports which are required and see that the same are promptly and timely filed.
   (k)   The City Clerk shall prepare all monthly and quarterly reports required by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and the Social Security Administration and shall act as the authorized Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund agent,
   (l)   The City Clerk shall see that all State and Federal reports required by law are prepared and timely filed.
   (m)   The City Clerk shall prepare and submit unemployment records required by the State Department of Labor.
   (n)   The City Clerk shall perform such other various duties as from time to time may be established by the ordinances of the City.
   (o)   The City Clerk shall act as agent of the County Clerk for the purposes of registering voters in the City.
   (p)   The City Clerk shall submit a copy of all reports, State and Federal, which are required by law to be filed, to the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the City. (Ord. 465.  Passed 10-20-80.)
   (q)   When the Mayor or a majority of Council members in attendance at an executive session of Council believe it is in the best interest of the City that the City Clerk be excluded from such executive session, such City Clerk may be excluded, but only for the particular matter or matters which may affect such City Clerk. The Mayor or Council shall state, for the record, the general nature of the reason or reasons the City Clerk is to be excluded from such session. The Mayor shall appoint a Clerk protem to take minutes of the executive session in the absence of the City Clerk. Immediately after such session, the Clerk protem shall turn over to the City Clerk the minutes of the executive session taken in the absence of the City Clerk, and the City Clerk shall incorporate such minutes into the complete minutes of the executive session. (Ord. 589. Passed 5-14-90.)