The Fire Chief or designated representative or representatives of the Fire Chief are hereby authorized to contact the owners or persons in charge of commercial buildings, churches, schools, apartment buildings and day care centers located within the zoning district of the City to arrange an appointment with the owner or owners or persons in charge of the structures listed above to work out with said persons a diagram of the interior of said buildings, noting a detailed description and map of all floors, building contents, entries/exits of all floors and the exterior, including the roof of the building. Of special concern will be the location of volatile and easily flammable contents and contents that block entries, exits and other pathways to the building. The City, at its expense, will prepare a scheme of the inside of the building so that in the event of a fire, the fire-fighters will have immediate access to information about the layout of the building. The purpose of these drawings is to help the fire-fighters prevent the loss of life and injuries and property damage to the property in the event of a fire. It is also in the interest of the City and its citizens to have this information available to prevent loss of life or injuries to fire-fighters and first responders who may answer a call of distress and for the safety of all the citizens of the community. Once the pre-plan is completed with the help of the property owner or person in charge of the property, the pre-plan maps will be placed in the Fire Department vehicles to provide up to date knowledge of the buildings to improve the ability of the Fire Department and other first responders to better protect the property of the owner and any occupants in case of a smoke or fire incident.
(Ord. 995.  Passed 10-16-19.)