(a)   The standing committees of Council shall be as follows:
      (1)   The City Maintenance Committee;
      (2)   The Finance Committee;
      (3)   The Ordinance Committee;
      (4)   The Police Committee;
      (5)   The Fire, Parks and Plats Committee;
      (6)   The Community Affairs Committee;
      (7)   The License and Printing Committee; and
      (8)   The Grants Committee.
(Ord. 562. Passed 5-9-88.)
   (b)   Each committee shall consist of three Aldermen, who shall be appointed by the Mayor at the first regular meeting of the fiscal year.
(Ord. 658. Passed 6-12-95.)
   (c)   The duties of the committees shall be as follows:
      (1)   The City Maintenance Committee shall have charge of the streets, avenues and alleys of the City and of all public grounds, except the parks. It shall also have charge of all sidewalks and crossings and see to it that all ordinances relating thereto are faithfully carried out. All petitions relating to streets, avenues, alleys or sidewalks shall be referred to this Committee. The Committee shall also have charge of all matters relating or pertaining to water and sewerage, and it shall make such reports from time to time on the condition of the water and sewerage of the City as such Committee may deem advisable or when requested by Council to do so. In addition, the Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance of City property, including equipment, buildings and maintenance vehicles.
      (2)   It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to take into consideration all reports and propositions relating to the City Treasury as may be referred to it by Council and to inquire into the state of the City debt, its finances, revenues and expenditures. The Committee shall report such provisions and arrangements, relating to the City debt, finances, revenues, expenditures and the appropriation of moneys, that it feels are necessary and such as will add to the economy of the different financial departments of the City and secure the accountability of faithfulness of the different officers concerned therewith.
      (3)   The Ordinance Committee shall investigate and report upon all questions relating to the enactment, amendment and repeal of ordinances.
      (4)   The Police Committee shall have charge of all police matters and shall also constitute a committee on miscellaneous affairs to whom all matters not referred to any standing committee or special committee shall be referred.
      (5)   It shall be the duty of the Fire, Parks and Plats Committee to consider all matters relating to the Fire Department or the fire limits and to consider ways and means for the more effective prevention of fires. The Committee shall examine all plats before the same are accepted by Council and shall see that all ordinances relating to plats are complied with. The Committee shall also have charge of all public parks, and all matters relating to the establishment or improvement of parks shall be referred to this Committee.
      (6)   The Community Affairs Committee shall keep abreast of and report upon all actions which affect the general welfare of the City, particularly the economic development and betterment of the City, and shall coordinate all activities of the City with community and civic organizations for the promotion and betterment of the City.
      (7)   The License and Printing Committee shall have charge of all matters relating to licenses and printing necessary for or required by the City and shall make such recommendations from time to time as it may deem advisable or as may be required by Council.
      (8)   The Grants Committee shall be in charge of all grants to the City or to which the City may be entitled.
(Ord. 562. Passed 5-9-88.)