(a)   Along any district boundary line, an abutting side yard or a lot in a less restricted district shall have a width equal to that required in the more restricted district.  In a "B-2" or "M" District, on a lot abutting a lot in an "R" District, such side yard for a building higher than the limiting height in such "R" District shall be increased by three feet for each story over such limiting height,
   (b)   Side yards may be measured to the centerline of adjoining alleys.  In no case shall a building or structure for which a side yard is required be erected within less than three feet of such alley.
   (c)   On a corner lot, the least width of a side yard along the side street lot line shall be equal to the required front yard along the side street.
   (d)   No part of an accessory building or structure shall be nearer to a side street lot line than the least depth of any front yard required along such side street.
   (e)   In a case where the side wall of a building is not parallel with the side lot line or is broken or irregular, the average width of the side yard shall be not less than the otherwise required width, provided, however, that such side yard is not narrower at any point than one-half the otherwise required width or narrower than five feet in any case.
   (f)   Side yards may be reduced by ten percent from the otherwise required minimum width of each side yard on a lot of record at the time of the enactment of this Zoning Code (Ordinance 340, passed December 19, 1966) if it is narrower than the lot width specified for the lot width in the district in which the lot is located, in the case of buildings not higher than two and one-half stories and if the owner of record does not own any adjoining property.  However, no side yard shall be narrower at any point than three feet.
   (g)   Structures or projections into side yards may be permitted as follows: Fences, plantings or walls not over five feet above the average grade; and fire escapes, three feet from a side lot line and not more than three feet from the building.  The sum of the lengths of such projections shall not exceed one-third of the length of the side yard,
   (h)   Chimneys, flues, belt courses, leaders, sills, pilasters, lintels, ornamental features, cornices, eaves, gutters and other similar structures or projections into or over a required side yard shall not extend more than one and one-half feet.
   (i)   Terraces, steps, uncovered porches, stoops or similar features shall not be higher than the elevation of the ground story of the building and shall be distant at least three feet from a side lot line. (Ord. 340.  Passed 12-19-66.)