Any use, building or structure permitted in "B-1" Secondary Business Districts is permitted in "B-2" Primary Business Districts, except as herein modified and added to, as follows:
   (a)   Bus terminals, hotels, department stores, business or trade schools, meeting halls, clubs and fraternal organizations and music and dancing schools and studios;
   (b)   Dance halls, bars, cocktail lounges, nightclubs and similar enterprises, provided that all State laws and local ordinances and applicable rules and regulations relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages are closely observed and obeyed in any building and upon any premises, including the location thereof, where such alcoholic beverages are sold, offered for sale or consumed;
   (c)   Cabinet shops, electric, heating, air conditioning or plumbing shops, furniture upholstery shops only when operated in conjunction with a retail business on the premises, printing, publishing, engraving or lithographing shops, laundry and dry cleaning shops and other similar establishments, but not within 100 feet of an "R" District;
   (d)   Public parking lots, customary and other accessory parking lots and areas, subject to the applicable provisions of Chapter 1284;
   (e)   Radio and television and other wireless broadcasting stations and studios, but not including transmitting towers; and
   (f)   Other retail or wholesale businesses and professional and service establishments, except the uses first permitted in the "M-1" Districts, unless authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals, as provided in Section 1278.02, and except such as are prohibited under Section 1278.04.
(Ord. 340.  Passed 12-19-66.)