Any use, building or structure permitted in "R-3" One and Two-Family Residential Districts is permitted in "R-4" Multifamily Residential Districts, except as herein modified, as follows:
   (a)   Dwellings for any number of families;
   (b)   Boarding, rooming and lodging houses providing 150 square feet of floor space for each occupant;
   (c)   Kindergartens, day nurseries or nursery schools, provided that a play lot used in connection therewith is surrounded by a fence not less than three feet in height and of approved construction;
   (d)   Private clubs and lodges;
   (e)   Tourist homes, motels or motor hotels on lots abutting State or Federal highways, subject to the applicable provisions of Chapter 1284;
   (f)   Offices of civic, religious or charitable organizations and financial or insurance institutions conducting their activities primarily by mail and not handling merchandise or rendering services on the premises;
   (g)   Physicians' and dentists' offices and private clinics for human care, professional offices for architects, engineers, lawyers and other professional people and offices devoted to real estate, insurance, management and similar enterprises when conducting their activities primarily by mail or telephone and not displaying, selling or offering for sale any merchandise on the premises; and
   (h)   Trailer parks, provided that public or community sewer and water facilities are available to each trailer, that each existing trailer space contains at least 3,000 square feet and that all State and local laws, rules and regulations applicable to trailer parks are strictly observed and complied with.
(Ord. 340.  Passed 12-19-66.)