The regulations set forth in this chapter or elsewhere in this Zoning Code, when applicable, are the district regulations for the permitted principal uses in "A-l" Agricultural Districts, which permitted principal uses are as follows:
   (a)   Agriculture and agricultural buildings, provided that no livestock is housed closer than 200 feet from any lot in an "R" District;
   (b)   A building or structure occupied by or used for a church, Sunday school, parish house, public or parochial school, public library, museum or similar public cultural use and located not less than forty feet from any other side lot line in an "B" District;
   (c)   Open air recreational uses, such as, but not limited to, parks and playgrounds;
   (d)   Essential services and public service buildings or properties, but not such uses as storage yards, warehouses, garages or other uses usually and custom-arily conducted as gainful businesses, provided that no building is located less than forty feet from any other lot line in an "R" District;
   (e)   Cemeteries, as defined and regulated by Chapter 21 of the Illinois Revised Statutes;
   (f)   Existing railroad rights of way, not including switching, storage, freight yards or sidings;
   (g)   Sale of nursery and greenhouse products, where the production or growth of such products takes place on the premises;
   (h)   Country clubs, golf courses, swimming clubs and similar recreational uses, provided that any accessory or principal building in connection therewith is located not less than 200 feet from any other lot in an "R" District;
   (i)   Farm dwellings and single-family nonfarm dwellings;
   (j)   Billboards and signboards, subject to the following restrictions:
      (1)   No billboard or signboard shall be located within 300 feet of an "R" District.
      (2)   No billboard or signboard shall be located within eighty feet of a Federal or State highway or within sixty feet of any other public road or highway.
      (3)   No billboard or signboard shall contain more than 300 square feet of surface area or be higher than twenty-five feet above the average grade of the surrounding terrain.
      (4)   No billboard or signboard shall be located within 500 feet of an exit or entrance to a controlled-access highway route.
      (5)   Billboards or signboards may have constant or flashing illumination, provided that no such billboard or signboard located in the direct line of vision of a traffic control signal or signalling device shall have contrasting or flashing intermittent illumination or red, green or amber color.  Where a billboard or signboard is illuminated by light reflected upon it, the direct rays of light shall not project upon any part of an existing Federal or State highway, an existing residential structure or an "R" District.
   (k)   When authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals, the following buildings., structures and uses, subject to the following regulations, limitations and restrictions:
      (1)   Sanitary landfills, in accordance with other applicable requirements and regulations, provided that no such landfill is used or operated within 1,320 feet of an "R" District; and
      (2)   The mining or loading of coal, sand or gravel, including the equipment, buildings and structures for washing, crushing, screening, mixing or storage, subject to the following restrictions and provisions:
         A.   No open pit or shaft shall be located less than 1,320 feet from an "R" District.
         B.   No open pit or shaft shall be located less than 500 feet from a residence.
         C.   No building or structure for washing, crushing, screening, mixing or storage shall be located less than 500 feet from a residence or 1, 320 feet from an "R" District.
         D.   The operator of an open pit mine shall furnish the Board with a topographic map for the area proposed for open pit mining and, upon completion of the mining operation, shall replace the ground and premises as nearly as possible to the original topography, without undue delay.
         E.   A surety bond issued by a surety company approved by the State shall be posted with the corporate authorities of the City and shall be equal to five hundred dollars ($500. 00) per acre for the land to be open pit mined. Such bond shall be held and in effect until such operator has fulfilled the requirements of paragraph (k)(2)D. hereof.  Should default be made by such operator in this respect, the amount of such bond shall be paid over to and used by the City authorities for the completion of such operation.
   (l)   Accessory uses customarily incidental to a permitted principal use on the same lot therewith, including:
      (1)   Private garages or parking areas;
      (2)   Buildings and structures accessory to agricultural uses, including roadside stands selling produce grown on the premises, provided that such stands are located not less man fifty feet from the street or highway right of way. Signs accessory to roadside stands shall be limited to two per lot, with no sign being larger than ten square feet, and shall be set back at least thirty feet from the street or highway right of way.  Such signs shall be less than fifteen feet in height and pertain to agricultural products only, which are offered for sale, and to the identification of the stand.
      (3)   Real estate signs of a temporary nature, not exceeding two in number per lot and no larger than twelve square feet in area, set back at least twenty feet from any highway, street or road;
      (4)   Small announcement or professional signs not exceeding four square feet, except that an announcement sign or bulletin board not over twelve feet square, set back twenty feet or more from a highway, street or road, may be erected and maintained in connection with any of the permitted principal uses of a nonresidential character;
      (5)   Living quarters of persons employed on the premises;
      (6)   An office of a physician, dentist, lawyer, architect, engineer, accountant or insurance agent within his or her dwelling;
      (7)   Customary incidental home occupations, such as handicraft, dressmaking, millinery and preserving, but not including a beauty shop, barber shop, dancing or music school with more than one pupil at any one time or a similar activity carried on solely by resident occupants within their residence, subject to the following provisions: that not more than one room is used for such purposes by a resident family; that no such use requires internal or external alterations or involves construction features or the use of mechanical equipment not customarily used in a dwelling; that nothing not produced on the premises is sold or offered for sale; and that no display of goods or services pertaining to such is visible from the street; and
      (8)   A sign flat against a building appertaining to a nonconforming use on the premises, not exceeding fifty square feet, except as may be specifically authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals; and
   (m)   When authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals, oil wells and the storage of crude oil, provided that no such operation shall be conducted within 200 feet of a residence or within 500 feet of a lot in an "R" District.
(Ord. 340. Passed 12-19-66.)