In any "R-l," ,,R-2" or "R-3" District, a transitional use shall be permitted on a lot the side lot line of which adjoins, either directly or across an alley, a "B" or "M" District,  The permitted transitional use for any such lot in an "R-l" or "R-2" District shall be any use which is permitted in an "R-3" District, and for any such lot in an "R-3" District,anyuse permitted in an "R-4" District.  In the case of any such lot in an "R-l, " "R-2" or "R-3M District, the requirements governing lot area per dwelling unit, off-street parking and yards and other open spaces shall be the same as required in an "A-l" District.  No transitional use authorized hereunder shall extend more than 100 feet from the side lot line of the lot abutting the zoning district boundary line.
(Ord. 340.  Passed 12-19-66.)