(a)   The Collector shall participate in a "spring and fall cleanup of the City" at no charge to the City.
   (b)   Service shall be free to the City and the Collector shall provide a dumpster for each City park.
   (c)   This chapter applies to residential customers who reside within the corporate limits of the City. Commercial customers may negotiate their own agreements with garbage and rubbish haulers.
   (d)   The City may add a reasonable administrative cost to the actual cost of the contract with the City Collector.
   (e)   Citizens with disabilities may make special arrangements with the authorized collector for the placement of the containers and the collection of the garbage and rubbish. The authorized collector shall accommodate those residents of the City with disabilities which limit their ability to move the containers.
   (f)   Complaints concerning the service provided by the collector shall be made through the Mayor's Office.
(Ord. 824.  Passed 11-14-05.)