(a)   The sewer line from the City sewer main to the owner’s premises shall be the property of the owner and any repairs required at any time to such sewer line shall be paid for by the owner. If such sewer pipes become damaged, the owner shall make immediate repair of the same to prevent an unlawful discharge to the sewer.
   (b)   If a sewer leak is discovered by the Supervisor of City Maintenance or reported to the Supervisor, he or she shall immediately inspect the location in question to determine the cause of the sewer leak. If the Supervisor determines that the sewer leak appears to be on the line of the user, he or she shall notify such owner and user (if different) in writing, by certified mail, that such sewer leak exists and must be repaired within ten days. Such notice shall advise the owner and user that if the sewer leak is not repaired within ten days of the serving of notice upon the owner and user by certified mail, the water and sewer service of the City shall be turned off on such line. When the Supervisor determines that the sewer leak has been satisfactorily repaired, he or she shall authorize the restoration of water and sewer service upon such line. If the leak is found to be between the main and the boundary line of the owner’s property, and the owner or user does not repair such leak after proper notice, the City is hereby authorized to hire a registered plumber to repair such sewer leak. The City shall pay such plumber and will then bill the property owner for the expense of the repair. Water and sewer service shall not be restored to such owner or user until the bill for the repair is paid to the City by the owner. If a renter or owner requests water and sewer service and there is an unpaid repair bill due the City, the bill shall be paid before service is restored.
   (c)   All tap-ons, connection and repairs to water and sewer lines performed on City property must be under the direction of a licensed plumber and must be inspected by the City Maintenance Supervisor or his or her designate.  City employees shall be authorized to maintain and repair the City water and sewer lines.
(Ord. 569.  Passed 9-21-88; Ord. 968.  Passed 10-12-16.)