(a)   No person engaged in the plumbing business, or contracting for the installation of plumbing, shall do any plumbing in the City until such person has posted a bond of one thousand dollars ($1, 000), payable to the City and conditioned on such person’s abiding by and observing all ordinances of the City and all rules and regulations made in connection with the waterworks and sewerage systems of the City in installing any and all plumbing and sewer connections in the City.
   (b)   All tap-ons, connection and repairs to water and sewer lines performed on City property must be under the direction of a licensed plumber and must be inspected by the City Maintenance Supervisor or his or her designate.  City employees shall be authorized to maintain and repair the City water and sewer lines.
(Ord. 570.  Passed 11-14-88; Ord. 967.  Passed 10-12-16.)