Application for water taps shall be in writing on a form provided by the City and shall be incorporated with the application for sewer service if both water and sewer service are applied for at the same time.  Each application must be accompanied by a deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) (whether water or sewer) for property owners, or a deposit of one hundred sixty dollars ($160.00) for renters, lessees or contract purchasers, which deposit shall be returned to owners at the end of one year if there is no delinquency in the customer’s account.  Water and sewer deposits for a renter, lessee or contract purchaser shall be retained until the customer vacates the premises, at which time the deposits shall be returned if there is no delinquency in such customer's account.  If the customer's account becomes delinquent, the City may apply all or as much of such deposit as is necessary to pay the delinquency.  If a customer moves in less than one year and there is no delinquency, the full amount of the deposit shall be returned to him or her.  Such deposit is required whether the applicant asks for a new tap or for water service where a tap has previously been made. 
(Ord. 645.  Passed 5-9-94; Ord. 794. Passed 5-12-03; Ord. 896.  Passed 3-14-11.)