Consumer fireworks displays are permitted in the City. In order to operate a consumer display, an adult must:
   (a)   Attend training conducted at the City Fire Department.
   (b)   Apply for a site inspection by the City Fire Department.
   (c)   Apply for a permit to be issued by the City.  The application shall be made in writing at least fifteen days in advance of the date of the display, unless agreed to otherwise by the City and the Fire Chief of the City.
   (d)   The consumer may purchase only approved consumer fireworks from a registered consumer fireworks distributor/retailer. This classification is not all inclusive and reference to the approved list published by the Office of State Fire Marshal is required. Any sale of consumer fireworks other than on the list is prohibited by law.
   (e)   Once the permit has been issued, it is not transferable to another person or entity. The sale, possession, use and distribution of consumer fireworks for display are lawful only for the purpose given by the permit.
   (f)   Consumer fireworks displays are subject to any additional requirements of the Office of State Fire Marshal consistent with the Fireworks Use Act and any regulations promulgated in support of said Act.
   (g)   The fee for filing an application for a consumer fireworks display shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) which sum shall be refunded in the event the application for such permit is denied.
(Ord. 831.  Passed 6-12-06.)