An itinerant vendor, whether a principal or agent, before beginning business in the City, shall take out a license in the manner set forth in this chapter. Every itinerant vendor desiring to engage in business in the City shall deposit with the City Treasurer five hundred dollars ($500.00) as a special deposit and shall then present the Treasurer's receipt for such deposit to the City Clerk and pay to the Clerk a one-time license fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00), whereupon the Clerk shall issue a license to such applicant authorizing him or her to engage in the business of an itinerant vendor of goods, wares and merchandise within the City for and during the term for which the license is issued. Such license may be issued for a minimum term of one day or and a maximum term of 90 days. Such license shall not be transferred, nor shall it permit more than one person to sell goods as an itinerant vendor, whether by an agent, clerk or servant or in any way other than in person, provided that such licensee may have the assistance of one or more persons who may aid him or her in conducting such business but who may not act for him or her or without him or her.
(Ord. 86. Passed 5-4-25; Ord. 793. Passed 5-12-03.)