Any educational, fraternal, political, civic, religious or non-profit organization that seeks a special event retailers license (not for profit) from the Illinois Liquor Controls Commission shall also obtain a special events permit from the City of Christopher. The special events permit of the City must be procured from the Mayor in his or her capacity as Liquor Commissioner of the City of Christopher at least twenty-one days prior to the event. Proof of dram shop insurance shall be required. The Mayor, as Liquor Commissioner, shall approve the type of alcoholic beverages to be sold or served, and the hours of the event, set any special conditions or deny approval. The permit application shall be accompanied by a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee. The application for a special events permit shall state in detail the specific time period of the event, dram shop insurance coverage, types of alcoholic beverages to be sold or served, the event hours requested and any other special requests.
(Ord. 696. Passed 8-11-97.)