(a)   No person shall place or cause to be deposited on a street, alley, sidewalk or public square of the City, any manure or filthy substance emitting an unwholesome or offensive smell, or any trash, old iron, brickbats, ashes, chunks of wood, straw, paper, shells, cans, bottles, swill or other rubbish, or leave standing, in any street or alley, a wagon, buggy, sled or other vehicle, so as to obstruct or render inconvenient the passage of other persons through or along such street or alley.  However, no person shall be liable for any penalty under this section if he or she removes such offending substance, rubbish or vehicle within the first twenty-four hours after notice to do so from the Superintendent of Streets, the Chief of Police or the Mayor. (Ord. 7.  Passed 6-17-19.)
   (b)   No person shall cast, throw, sweep, sift or deposit, in any manner, in or upon a public way or other public place, or into a river, canal, public water, drain, sewer or receiving basin in the City, any kind of dirt, rubbish, waste article, thing or substance, whether liquid or solid, nor shall any person cast, throw, sweep, sift or deposit any such item anywhere in the City in such a manner that it may be carried or deposited in whole or in part, by the action of the sun, wind, rain or snow, in, upon or into any of such places.
(Ord. 416.  Passed 7-7-75.)