(a)   Ordinance 1993-01 of Franklin County, Illinois, is hereby accepted by the City of Christopher, and the Mayor and Clerk are authorized to sign the agreement adopting the same on behalf of the City.  Any police officer of the City of Christopher is hereby authorized to write citations under County Ordinance 1993-01, an ordinance providing for animal control in Franklin County, Illinois, for violations of paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 of said ordinance.
   (b)   Any police officer of the City of Christopher shall be authorized to write citations for violations of County Ordinance 1993-01, pursuant to paragraph 16 of said ordinance. 
   (c)   The City of Christopher shall work in cooperation with the animal control officers of Franklin County and shall advise the Sheriff of Franklin County, Illinois, and the Administrator of Animal Control in Franklin County of the passage of this ordinance.
   (d)   The penalty provisions of County Ordinance 1993-01 shall be enforceable by any police officer of the City of Christopher.
(Ord. 665.  Passed 11-13-95.)