(a)   Animals Generally.  The Dog Catcher, the Chief of Police and members of the Police Department shall take up an animal which is at large in violation of Section 608.13 and shall confine the same in the pound.
   (b)   Dogs.
      (1)   Impoundment of dogs at large or unlicensed dogs.  The employees and officers of the Police Department who are designated for that purpose by the Chief of Police shall take up and impound in a place that is designated and set apart for that purpose, any dog that is found at large or unlicensed in the City.
      (2)   Citation of owner or keeper. When dogs are found at large or unlicensed and their ownership is known to such designated employees, such dogs may be impounded at the discretion of such employees.  However, the employees shall cite the owner of such dog to answer charges of violating this chapter.
      (3)   Notice of impoundment and citation to owner or keeper. Where the owner or keeper of an impounded dog is disclosed by any tax or license tag worn by such dog or is otherwise known to the officers impounding the same, the Police Department shall at once give notice by mail to such owner or keeper, informing him or her of the impounding of the dog, and shall cite such owner or keeper to answer charges of violating this chapter. (Adopting Ordinance)
      (4)   Redemption of impounded dogs.  Any dog that is impounded under this chapter, except dogs that may have bitten a person, shall, unless sooner redeemed, be held for the period of seven days in order to afford opportunity to the owner or keeper thereof to redeem the same.  An owner or keeper desiring to redeem an impounded dog shall pay an impounding fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00), as well as the cost of keeping such dog while impounded.  If such dog has not been inoculated against rabies for the current year, such owner or keeper shall also advance the fee required to have such dog inoculated by a duly licensed veterinarian, as he or she elects and the poundkeeper shall forthwith cause the dog to be duly inoculated against rabies.  No dog shall be released without being inoculated for the current calendar year or in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Agriculture.  Upon the payment of the required charges, the dog shall thereupon be released to the owner or keeper.
(Ord. 587.    Passed 4-9-89.)
      (5)   Destruction of unredeemed dogs. Any impounded dog which is not redeemed within seven days shall be humanely destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the poundkeeper,
      (6)   Dog bites; impounding and redemption.  A dog which has bitten or otherwise injured a person so as to cause an abrasion of the skin shall be immediately taken, impounded and kept separated from other dogs for fourteen days.  If, during that period, such dog develops symptoms of illness, a veterinarian shall be called to diagnose its condition.  If the symptoms disclosed are such as to indicate the presence of rabies, such dog shall be destroyed, in such a manner, however, as to preserve intact the head, which shall thereupon be detached and immediately sent to the diagnostic laboratory of the Department of Agriculture.  If such dog cannot be safely taken up and impounded, it may be shot, with care being taken to preserve the head intact which shall thereupon be immediately detached and delivered to the diagnostic laboratory of the Department of Agriculture.
      If, at the expiration of the period of fourteen days, no symptoms of rabies have developed in such dog so impounded, the same may be redeemed by the owner upon payment of the redemption fees and charges specified in paragraph (b)(4) hereof.  However, if such dog has previously bitten a person, such dog shall be humanely destroyed by the poundkeeper. After having been notified that his or her dog has bitten or otherwise injured a person, the owner or keeper thereof shall not under any circumstances permit such dog to be at large unless it is securely muzzled.
   (c)   Place of Impoundment.  The City shall provide access to a suitable place for impounding dogs and other animals.
   (d)   Wrongful Impoundment or Release.  No person shall remove the tag from a dog for the purpose of having the same wrongfully impounded, or without the knowledge or consent of the owner, or have a dog impounded knowing that the tag for such dog has been removed from such dog, or resist the Chief of Police or the Dog Catcher in the discharge of his or her duty.