606.03  EXCEPTION.
   The City shall grant the Christopher Homecoming Committee the right to sell alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only) at Dennison Park in the City of Christopher only during the actual annual Christopher Homecoming Celebration except on Sunday under the following general conditions:
   (a)   Beer and wine may only be sold and consumed in a secure fenced area of Dennison Park. No alcoholic beverage (beer or wine) shall be allowed in any other area of Dennison Park during the Homecoming Celebration.
   (b)   The alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) shall only be sold by the use of the liquor license of a current valid license holder in the City.
   (c)   Adequate security shall be arranged and provided by the Homecoming Committee to enforce this section.
   (d)   Proof of proper dram shop insurance and liability insurance shall be furnished to the City prior to the event.
   (e)   The sale of alcoholic beverages during the Homecoming Celebration shall be subject to the approval of the Christopher City Council each year and shall be subject to such additional conditions and requirements as may be set forth by the City Council and the Liquor Commissioner (Mayor) from time to time.
   (f)   The Homecoming Committee shall obtain a special event permit from the Mayor in his or her capacity as Liquor Commissioner at least fourteen days prior to the event. The Mayor, as Liquor Commissioner, shall approve the type of alcoholic beverages to be sold or served pursuant to this section and the hours of the event and may set any special conditions. The permit application shall be accompanied by a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee. The application shall state in detail the specific time period of the event, dram shop insurance coverage, types of alcoholic beverages to be sold or served, the event hours requested for sale of alcoholic beverages and any other special requests.
(Ord. 874.  Passed 6-9-09.)