(a)   Temporary employees will be hired with the understanding that they are part-time and are entitled to a rate of pay set by Council in accordance with a salary schedule, but not the same benefits as permanent full-time employees.
(Ord. 529. Passed 10-22-85.)
   (b)   Permanent part-time employees and temporary employees shall not accumulate vacation days, sick days or holidays and shall not be furnished health insurance benefits or other fringe oenefits. (Ord. 459. Passed 3-3-80.)
   (c)   Should a permanent part-time employee be hired to temporarily fill a vacancy of a permanent full-time employee, he or she shall receive a rate of pay as established by Council in accordance with a salary schedule of the City.
(Ord. 529. Passed 10-22-85.)
   (d)   Any part-time employee who averages over twenty hours per week for a calendar year shall be entitled to four hours pay at his or her regular rate for ten holidays.  At the end of one year of consecutive part-time service, the Mayor's office shall calculate the average hours per week for part-time employees and shall pay vacation days as computed in this section for the prior year of service.
(Ord. 555.  Passed 1-11-88.)