The first 180 days of service of an employee shall be a probationary period, during which period there shall be no responsibility on the part of the City for the continued employment of a new employee.  Termination of employment during the probationary period shall not be subject to challenge by the employee.  When the probationary period is completed, seniority will date back 180 days from the date of completion of the probationary period.  Vacation days and personal days shall not accumulate or be paid during the probationary period.  However, after the probationary period is completed, vacation days and personal days shall be accumulated retroactive to the date of employment.  Sick days shall accumulate and may be used from the initial date of employment in accordance with this chapter.  New employees shall also be entitled to holidays which occur during the probationary period. 
(Ord. 699.  Passed 9-8-97.)